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Kevin McCloud's Shed, Kevin McCloud Man Made Home

the building of Kevin

Kevin McCloud's Man Made home

This page is designed to wet the appetite but not spill the beans. After the programe appears on tv I'll post some extra content that you won't have seen on the tele. For now here's a picture of the team drinking tea on site.

Back in December last year Optomen Television hired me to project manage this build. The four part series is to be aired on Channel 4 in September, a must watch!

Kevin McCloud has spent his professional career at the forefront of modern construction and design. But as the spaces we inhabit and the products we consume become ever more complex and mass produced, he wonders if itís actually costing us something profound: our individuality, our sense of creative fun, our freedom to invent. In this series, Kevin explores whether what really makes us happy is creativity and simplicity.

So far itís been an amazing project and Kevin McCloud has been a joy to work with.

Building with Kevin McCloud. Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home

Kevin McCloud's Shed

Kevin McCloud's Cabin

Kevin McCloud's Man Made Home

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